Renting an apartment in Montreal is a very tricky business.

The price of rent can fluctuate so much from neighborhood to neighborhood that could find yourself paying $300 more than your neighbor across the street,  even though they live in the same sized apartment.

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Renting is all about location, so it's important to find out where the cheapest and most expensive areas are.

In the past we managed to find out exactly where the cheapest rent is depending on which metro station you live near.

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But that's not specific enough.

Thanks to this new interactive map by Padmapper, you can see exactly where the cheapest apartments in Montreal are.

Here's an example where we wanted to find all the 3½ apartments on the Island of Montreal for under $850 a month.

Just look at all those dots!

You simply set your price limit, choose the number of rooms you need, and even the style of apartment you want. Then you can just watch the red dots pop up on the map, and you're ready to hunt.

Click here to test out Padmapper for yourself.

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