Get ready for your new favourite summer drink. No, not frozen beer, as deliciously refreshing as it is. Nacho Libre is taking the frozen beverage game to a whole 'nother level with their Jumbo Mr. Freeze cocktails. Yup, the childhood popsicle is getting boozed up so you can keep cool this summer, only available at Nacho Libre.

Launching next Monday, this cold cocktail concoction is poignantly dubbed the "Ice Ice Baby," a welcome nod to everyone's (least) favourite rapper Vanilla Ice. The popsicocktail will include liquor (obvi), soda, one Jumbo Mr. Freeze, and a giant marshmallow and cherry on top. 5 different version will be served depending on the flavour of freezy.

For a more exact breakdown of ingredients, each Ice Ice Baby will include Russian standard vodka + Cointreau + Citrus syrup + Blue curaçao (for blue and purple versions) along with soda and juice, depending on the flavour. That adds up to 3.5oz of liquor in a 20oz mug, so don't get worried these will be too sweet, as they'll have enough kick to get you a 'lil silly.

Each Ice Ice Baby will cost $15, and when you factor in the 3 and a half shots of liquor, the price is actually pretty reasonable.  Don't be sweaty or sober this summer, relieve both woes with Nacho Libre's Ice Ice Baby.

Will you be keeping cool at Nacho Libre?

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