A Note to our Readers,

I’ve been doing serious journalism for approximately one day now, and due to my experience in the field (I don’t actually work in a field, I’m speaking metaphorically), I’ve learned that it takes the people who make a story what it is, just as much as it takes details and “facts”. Make sense?

So please join me on this journey as I give this journalistic thing a try! (PS. Fun Dip goes a long way in an interview.) Because, remember, while the news may not always  be serious, I can be. And I choose to be. Because this, (what I’m doing) this, my friends, This is Serious.


Last week the Montreal Police gave sensible advice to adventurous women on safety, stating that women should avoid riding in taxicabs alone or under the influence of alcohol. This week the SPVM upped the ante (hard!) and released a list to the media on other precautions they feel thrill-seeking women can take to assure their own safety. I took to the streets of Montreal to get your opinion on this list. This is Serious.

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