Since 1995, a very unique vehicle in the STM bus fleet has been feeding the youth of Montreal. Redefining the term "meals on wheels," this bus with a built-in kitchen visits 60 schools and 40 youth centres every year, ensuring the less fortunate children of Montreal never go hungry. This special bus is the Le Réchaud-Bus, and we're almost ashamed we never knew it existed.

Originally the idea of Quebec actor Michel Forget, the Réchaud-Bus was created as a way for Forget to give back to the community. Forget's initiative was then taken up by a soon-to-retire STM employee who also saw the need for a bus devoted to aiding the youth, and so in January, 1995, the Réchaud-Bus hit the streets and began offering meals to children at school and youth centres.

Take a look inside the "lunch bus" that serves up to 8, 000 meals all over Montreal below, photos courtesy of the STM's Facebook page.

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