Recently there have been 5 large outbreaks of gonorrhea in the Pacific Northwest and public health workers in that area have went ahead and called each and everyone's ex's to make sure they were made aware of the infection.

This movement and taking of action was made to ensure some progress was done to fight the spread.

Albeit the public health departments in the region organized it out to being anonymous notifications when contacting the past sexual partner.

What this also means is that the awkward phone call is now taken outta the hands of the STD giver/haver.

Anna Holloran who works at the Spokane Regional Health District shares some of her reactions to the calls.

Some people cry, some people get really angry, some people don't want to talk to me at all. A lot of people are really anxious to know who it was [who gave them the infection]. Of course, I can't say anything whatsoever that would identify that.

Now the question is, could you or would you want to see a similar service come to a city near you?

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