For years I worked as a driver in Montreal and not a day went by where I didn't encounter at least one driver that should not be allowed to have a license. 

Drivers in Montreal just don't seem to give a crap about the rules. Basically the only rule seems to be: If there aren't any cops watching you, everything is legal.

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No one uses turn signals, everyone cuts you off, drivers give each other the middle finger over the smallest of inconveniences, and every driver thinks the road belongs to them. 

That's why you often see drivers in Montreal who cut through construction zones, who don't respect bus lanes, who try to cut in line or who drive like all around, maniacs. and every once in awhile they get what's coming to them.

This driver seems to think that the orange cones on the street weren't fencing off road work, they were there to signal a special VIP lane made just for him!

Unfortunately for him, he found himself in pretty sticky situation. 

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