This might not be a topic Montrealers like to talk about very often, but it's a question that's on a lot of people's minds.

Is Montreal racist?

You can't deny that there is a lack of representation in Montreal.

Of the entire Montreal police force, only 7% are visible minorities, and when you look at Montreal’s city councilors, only 6 out of 208 are visible minorities.

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And now a reddit user came out and accused Montreal's white women of being racist. Specifically when it comes to dating.

He claims he's handsome, tall and is regularly pursued by women all over the world. But for some reason when he tries to flirt with women in Montreal he is met with severe hostility.

He believes that the ONLY way this is possible is because of the fact that all white women in Montreal are racist. (yeah, right)

Which is a pretty fucked up thing to say, especially if all you have to back it up is anecdotal evidence.

So I figured I would present his argument (unedited) and let you judge for yourself:

So I'm an Indian guy and I often approach women in bars and clubs and also sometimes during the day if the girl is attractive and doesn't seem like she's on the run somewhere. I have met and dated quite a few women this way.

Also I'm a good looking man of decent height and Before I moved here I have had random women pursue me and bring me to their home just because they thought I was good-looking or more often than not, I hear the word pretty (not my favourite but I'll live with it)

I find that most local women(white and born and raised in Montreal) are racist towards me when I attempt to interact with them. I do fine when I meet girls from France, Germany, Europe in general or even the US and rest of Canada.

I have been with Quebecoise women before but they were never from Montreal, they were always from other cities in Quebec.

I have experienced really bad treatment from local women, they are often rude, dismissive off the bat, or even if they do talk to you for a while, they are overly defensive or they try to troll you or talk down to you in the way they interact or they just don't respond at all.

I have approached women in other cities, and while of course, there are women who are not interested in you, but they are almost never rude and the majority of interactions are positive and often times results in things moving forward.

I often go out with white or Arab friends and it's a world of difference, those guys actually get treated like they are human beings while I do not. Often girls ask them to come home with them.

I have never even had a positive interaction with a local white girl. It's gotten to the point that if a girl displays interest in me, I know she's not a local

Why are local white girls in Montreal so racist that I feel like we are in the pre-segregation era America ? Please explain this to me.

I do often feel totally unwanted in the city where you can't even get a local to be nice to you or even to talk to you and no one local wants to be with you in any way.

P.S. if any of you are going to say it's not them, it's you, keep in mind I have approached tons of women and have hooked up with a lot of them and I have the texts and pictures to prove it.

I hope you were as entertained by that as I was.

So what do you think? Does this guy have a point or is he delusional?

After all, he did spend the first half of the argument talking about how "awesome" he is to prove that his lack of success has absolutely nothing to do with him.

So perhaps Montreal women aren't racist, maybe they just don't like guys who are conceited.

Just a thought...

Want to see what some other Montrealers had to say about this?

Check out all the comments he received right here.

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