I overheard my Narcity co-workers laughing about something this morning that seemed particularly entertaining. So naturally, I inquired.

A young man by the name of Marc-Alexandre had sent them an FB message, in which he claimed to have the best Tinder account in all of Quebec (humble much?).

Thirsty to share his "success story", he sent us an elaborate Powerpoint presentation (seriously) detailing how his profile proved he was the ideal man. After reviewing it, and seeing just how much work he had actually put into it, we decided we'd be nice and give him his 15 minutes.

This is the infamous profile which has apparently received over 2,000 matches.


This is why I'm the love of your life.

But first things first, here's my Facebook photo.

Crazy guy looking for his crazy girl. It's just a Powerpoint, don't worry, it probably took me less time to make this presentation than most people take to post a simple picture.

As you can see he made a pie chart to show what he spends his time on. How considerate.

In case you didn't think he was "boss" enough, Marc-Alexandre wants to assure you that he has at least 2 human friends and that he really likes playing dress-up with them.


Wow Babe! Check out how hot I am on my wakeboard. I'm so interesting!

Okay so I only did it once.

But it's looks professional.

The second I touched the water I face-planted and I had a headache for the rest of the day.


Still not convinced?

I know a lot of great pickup lines

I'm really honest ... too honest.

I live in a dump with my brother

My mom says I'm special

I had $5,000 worth of braces in my mouth.


Okay, Seriously

I'm really unpleasant and I like it.

I hate mushrooms and smokers and people who can't write properly.

I don't have a lot of flaws.

I like butts more than breasts.

Marc-Alexandre got so many likes on Tinder, that they actually removed his account because it was too suspicious.

Here's the best part, Marc-Alexandre actually made a second "adult" account where he lists his age as 37. In this profile, he basically just brags about how he's actually 22 but he intentionally put 37 because he's "such a brat"


So I guess, if you want to be successful on Tinder, this is the way to go. Love it or hate it, this guy's technique actually worked.

Who would have thought?


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