Building a beautiful home doesn't need to be an environmental disaster. While most homes are built with entirely new materials over a long course of time with tons vehicles spewing fumes everyday, thus acquiring a huge ecological footprint, this Montreal home built by Gervais Fortin managed to become a stunning work of architecture without harming good ol' Mother Nature.

Titled Ecologia Montréal, the home was built with the environment in mind, largely constructed out of recycled materials, as is the case with the home's kitchen, walls, and floors. In fact, the house is the first in Quebec to utilize BioGeometry ™ science, a technology which uses natural electromagnetic fields to mitigate the damage man-made energy system inflict on the natural environment.

From top to bottom the home invokes a natural landscape. The walls are made of lime and hemp, with the recycled floors outfitted with white ash. A fiberglass roof was also installed, which was designed to trap heat within the house so as to use less energy when heating the home.

Take a look inside what could be Montreal's most ecologically friendly home through the photos below, all courtesy of


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