I came across @bestofyul Instagram account a few weeks ago. I'd like to start out by saying that I rarely get amused by Internet humour. Funny Instagram memes make me relate to them, smile and then tag my friends at most. In addition, we're all familiar with the fact that when someone types "haha" or "LOL", they don't actually laugh, right? Internet haha's are a lie!

Best of YUL account is different. Its witty humour actually made me laugh out loud, for real. I'm quite certain that countless smiling in tears emojis in the comment section of his photos are legit reactions. Best part? @bestofyul is from Montreal.

Satire at its best! He mocks typical bloggers and "foodies" in such a tasteful and hilarious way. Best of YUL gives comic reviews to Montreal things you'd never expect to get analyzed. See for yourself. You have to read the captions!

It was my birthday over the weekend and I wanted to have a special meal, so I went on the Domino's website and ordered a large pepperoni, green pepper, mushroom, and onion pizza. The website is very #cool and modern. It allows you to build your own pizza, and you can even find a coupon to make your meal cheaper. Once you've placed your order, a person named Ahmed makes your pizza. The food itself was great. It tasted way better than the horrible meal I had at Pizza Hut last year. Service was #awesome. Ahmed is good at what he does and the website even allowed me to know exactly what he was doing as he went through all the steps required to make my pizza. NOTE: I am assuming that Ahmed identifies as male. I did not ask what his pronoun was. I apologize if this post offends him. 19.5/20 #bestofYUL

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