Photo cred - Affleck de la Riva architecture

Beaconsfield Avenue in NDG is lined with homes, all built in the same style, with few breaking from the mold. On the outside, the Beaconsfield Residence by Affleck de la Riva architecture is not exception, but when you walk in, you can see it's not like every other house on the block.

A seemingly typical red brick house, the Beconsfield Residence is given some shine with the application of a zinc coating on its wooden porches porches that face the street. But it's the interior that will wow you. Windows are strategically placed to let in the maximum amount of natural light, and when combined with the dark wood flooring and white colour-scheme, a striking yet warm atmosphere is created.

Take a look inside the Beaconsfield Residence through the photos below, all courtesy of Affleck de la Riva architecture's official house listing, where you can learn more about the Beaconsfield Residence.

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