Some Montrealer is freaking out some hotel workers in Illinois and we're not sure why or how exactly he's doing it. A reddit user named Whiskey_RECOIL posted on a thread about his graveyard shift at an Illinois hotel. He was training new employees one night when he received a phone call at the front desk.

The person on the other end just said:"Yes, I wanted to tell you that you look good tonight, thank you.", and hangs up. Whiskey_RECOIL ignored it as a prank and returned to work. Later he received another phone call that said: "Yes, I just wanted to say you have some very nice black pants, thank you.", and hangs up again. (He was was wearing black pants) Then later a 3rd phone call is made, this time the person just says: "Yes, I want you to know that you have beautiful brown hair, thank you." (He also had brown hair)

After checking the caller ID Whiskey_RECOIL realized the calls were coming from, you guessed it - Montreal. The only thing is that he doesn't know anyone from Montreal. The phone rang a few more times that night, but Whiskey_RECOIL refused to answer. He is so freaked out that he has contacted the police about the matter.

I don't know about you but I like to imagine that some bored Montrealer, who's possibly suffering from insomnia, is staying up all night stalking the front desk employees. I can picture him creeping behind a corner while laughing his ass off watching Whiskey_RECOIL freak the hell out.


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