La Ronde has always had a special place in the hearts of Montrealers.

That's because it's so much more than a simple amusement park. It is a part of Montreal's history.

The opening of the park during expo 67 marked Montreal's entrance on the world stage. Suddenly everyone eyes were on us, if only for a moment.

But since then, the park has evolved and changed drastically.

Only 7 of the original rides are still in operation today, including "La Pitoune". They have been refurbished, updated and even moved around the park but they continue to entertain hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

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And of course, there are some rides that may not have been there since the beginning, but these rides have become a huge part of our childhood. And nothing is more heart breaking than getting to La Ronde only to discover that your favorite ride has been retired.

How many of these do you remember?

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But if you're feeling truly nostalgic, then nothing compares to this video that actually shows the retired rides in operation.

Warning: you may tear up a little.

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