Veg Voyages is a travel agency that offers vegan vacations. The company, which has been in business for 15 years, seeks to create special travel experiences for vegans who do not want to compromise their ideals when voyaging abroad.

The agency, founded by 3 people from 3 different backgrounds, offers "off-the-beaten-track tours focus on cultural immersion, local interaction and of course, eating lots of mouthwatering local vegan cuisines along the way."

There are currently 14 different tours you can buy that cover several different countries in South-East Asia.

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TL;DR Veg Voyages offers vegan tours of South-East Asia, for people who want to enjoy local culture and experiences without compromising their cruelty-free values.

Veg Voyages is "against the exploitation of animals in any form," and neither use animals on their tours for rides or safaris nor visit zoos or “animal parks.” A founding principle is to "create 100% cruelty-free travel experiences in which no living beings (human or animal) is exploited in any way."

The tours are only offered in destinations that the founders have lived and worked in. This includes tons of destinations in India, as well as trips to Bali and Malasia.

Some of the tours could definitely be seen as "voluntourism," where rich people go to developing countries and do some community service to make themselves feel good while taking jobs away from locals. Some tours include "experiences" like teaching in rural schools and building houses.

However, this is definitely a good bet for vegans who have to live on salad and rice when they go abroad. The food served is totally vegan and showcases the cuisine of each location visited. 

These are the tours you can still book in 2019:

  • Camels & Canines and Cows, Oh My! (India, September 9-20)
  • The Green Triangle (India, October 6-13)
  • Vegin’ Out in The Land of Rajputs (India, October 22 - November 1)
  • The Green Triangle (India, November 3-10)
  • Desert Kingdoms of Rajputana (India, November 16 - December 1)
  • The Green Triangle (India, December 8-15)
  • VegNews Christmas in India with VegVoyages (India, December 22 - January 2)

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Prices start at around $1700 US, and include pretty much everything but the airfare there and back.

To explore Veg Voyages and book your trip, click HERE.

Happy (and healthy) eating!

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