We may think we're unique but secretly we're all the same.

And when it comes to sex we typically all think about the same things:

  • Do I look weird from this angle?
  • I wonder if the neighbors can hear us
  • and has the cat has been watching us the whole time?

But every once in awhile having can sex prompt some pretty brilliant thoughts, which is exactly what happened to these Reddit users. Lucky for us, they actually bothered to remember to write down these thoughts for us to enjoy.

We may not have said them out loud but we've all had similar thoughts during sex.

Am I Bad At Talking Dirty?

Shouting "Yes!" and "Yeah!" during sex is perfectly normal, but shouting "Yep!" would make it incredibly awkward.


Am I doing The Same Position For Too Long?

If i'm on the bottom does that means I'm "Fuckin Up"?


What If I'm Too Nervous To Get It Up?

When a woman says she's never had an orgasm, guys take it as a challenge. When a guy says I can't get it up, women take it as an insult.


I Wonder What My Porn Star Name Should Be

A good name for an anal porn star would be * because it looks like a butt hole and is pronounced like "ass tricks."


This Is Nothing Like Porn

Porn has probably helped reduce the rate of teen pregnancies by popularizing external ejaculation.


Penises Are Weird

I wish all of my body parts would grow twice as big and strong when I need to use them just like my penis does.


This Girl Seems Really Into Me, I Hope She's Not A Hooker

We use sex to sell everything. We arrest those who buy and sell actual sex.


Should I Fake It So I Can Go To Sleep?

My 15 year old self would be appalled to hear how many times I've chosen sleep over sex.


How Long Have I Lasted so Far? (glance at alarm clock)

Guys spend most of their time during sex trying not to finish while girls spend most of the time trying to.


Was That Sexy Or Creepy?

I've had girls call me daddy during sex, but they would all be creeped the fuck out if I ever called them mommy.


Think Unsexy Thoughts

Do Pokemon say their own names during sex?


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