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Uber, the taxi-hailing app that has been making waves in Montreal, is beta-launching a new way to save money on cabs and travels in the city, as the Uber online blog officially announced UberPool.

Pretty much what it sounds like, UberPool will be a new feature on the smartphone app that will allow you to ride with other folks taking a similiar root, with both of you splitting the cost. A great way to save some cash if you're carpooling with friends who also have Uber, or even for short rides in the city.

UberPool pretty much does all the work for you, matching you up with another rider, and even gives there first name to bypass awkward introductions. If not match is found, Uber will then give you a discounted ride, making UberPool a solid win-win scenario.

As of now, UberPool is only in a private beta testing-mode, so only in San Francisco. The beta will expand come August 15th, but will likely stay in the US market. Uber may be new to Montreal, but hopefully UberPool makes its way over once all the kinks are worked out, 'cuz more ways of saving money on cab rides are a good thing.

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