In a video submitted to MTLBlog by Fares Khoudary, two STM officers can be seen holding two individuals to the floor of Atwater metro station. 

According to Khoudary, the individuals, one man and one woman, attempted to pass the turnstiles to the metro platform, presumably without paying fare, when the officers confronted them.

The officers asked them to turn around and, when the individuals resisted, pinned them to the floor and subsequently arrested them.

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TL;DR In a video submitted to MTLBlog, two STM officers can be seen tackling and arresting two individuals who a witness says attempted to pass the turnstiles to the metro platform without paying fare.

Another man also attempted to enter the metro but offered no resistance. He is presumably the individual who moves back and forth between the man and woman as STM officers arrest them. 

Khoudary says the conflict became physical after the woman fought against the officers and screamed, "don't touch me!"

A crowd gathers around the scene. Some take out their phones to film the incident. Others pass off and onto the metro platform without stopping to take note.

In a shorter, subsequent video, the woman can be seen standing with her hands behind her back.

This is not the first time such an incident has been caught on camera. In September of last year, a metro passenger captured the moment several STM officers use a chokehold to pin a man to the ground at Guy-Concordia station, where the officers claimed the individual had not paid his fare.

Despite pleas from the man's girlfriend, the officers continued to choke the panicking man. The STM launched an investigation after public outcry.

Stay tuned for updates for this latest incident at Atwater station.


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