You've seen it countless times in Montreal. I'm talking about idiots who start driving without cleaning the snow and ice off their car.

Of course that's illegal, and you can get a ticket if a cop catches you, but Montrealers just don't give a fuck. They'd rather not deal with the snow even if it means putting others in danger.

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And to show just how dangerous a tiny amount of ice can be, we found this video posted on YouTube this morning.

The driver is coming out of a tunnel when a Mazda 3 passes him on the left. The driver of the Mazda cleaned the windows, but not the roof. So when he speeds up, the wind lifts up a huge slab of ice off the car, and lauches it right into the other driver's windshield.

You can see  how hard the ice hit as the windshield cracks. Luckily it didn't shatter and the driver didn't lose control of his car, otherwise he would be having a much worse day.

So let this be a reminder: CLEAN THE GOD DAMN SNOW OFF YOUR CAR!


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