There is really no nice way to put it, but parking in Montreal is a huge pain in the ass. There is no other way around it.

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In icy cold winter, we have to deal with navigating all the temporary "no parking" signs for snow removal, but come spring it doesn't get any easier. 

In fact, it gets worse. 

This city is an orange cone graveyard during warm months, and scattered around the city we also find armies of temporary "no parking" signs. 

And don't even get me started on this city's parking signs, that are harder to decode than your ex's cryptic text messages. 

The result of all this is a lot of useless parking tickets - $40 here, $60 where - it all starts to pile up pretty fast and kinda feels like you're throwing money out the window.  

It's no surprise that citizens have become heavily cynical and jaded about the parking situation in the city. Some have turned to comedy as a way to vent their frustrations.

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Montreal comedy duo Aba & Preach have a ton of hilarious clips poking fun at Montreal life, and just life in general. But this "parking in Montreal" really has us ROTFL.

For more funny vids, check out their YouTube channel, HERE.

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