No one give me any of that 'size doesn't matter' bullshit. Your lady/man/partner may not care how big your wang is, because you sure as hell do. Unless you're already packing serious heat. Thankfully, a very informative map can now let us all know who's bragging because they're overcompensating, and which dudes have the goods to back up they're boasts.

All you have to do is check out a new map that compiles various studies on penis length from around the world. The map, found here, basically color codes an atlas based on the average dick size, from a lowly 9.66 to a kingly 17.93. Next time you're sizing a guy up look to the map to see what his downstairs deal is.

The Top 5

The top spots aside, South America dominates the upper rankings. Noted next time you meet any Colombian dude.

  1. Congo - 17.93cm
  2. Ghana - 17.31cm
  3. Ecuador - 17.77cm
  4. Columbia - 17.03cm
  5. Venezuela - 17. 03cm

Canada > America

Its official people. There's a reason Canada is nicer, more secure, and less load and angry. Our dicks are bigger, on average at least. The US measures in at 12.9cm on average, while Canada boasts 13.92. That's right, one whole centimeter more. It ain't much, but its there.

Stereotypes Justified

On the lower end of the global scale are most Asian nations. China has an average penis size of 10.89, India at 10.24, and Japan at 10.92. North Korea has the smallest global size at 9.66cm...which explains A LOT. Can't fight the facts here people. Some stereotypes exist for a reason.

Keep in mind that these are averages, and not definitive sizes per nation. You might find a guy from Ghana who doesn't live up to expectations, or a very well endowed Asian guy (Yao Ming anyone?. Besides, its not the size, its how you use it right? RIGHT!?

How do you rank fellas? Ladies, should guys be worried, or do you not give a damn about his genital jam? Give us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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