Okay, what is it that makes the holidays so awesome? Is it the festiveness in the air? Is it the whole good will towards other spiel? Is it the gifts? Well, I don't know about you, but for me, the best part about the holidays are all the parties. Whether you're with friends, family, acquaintances, or people you don't know too well, there's never a dull moment during the holiday season.

But while holiday parties are awesome, and basically require you to do one thing (show up and have an awesome time), there are some things you might want to avoid doing. Not sure what I'm talking about? No worries. I got your back. Read on for What Not To Do At Your Christmas Party.

1. Drink too much.

Drinking is fine, but don't overdo it. Nobody wants to be the houseguest that threw up under the Christmas tree and then passed out; consequently, nobody wants to wake up on the 26th hungover and forced to clean up their own drunken mistakes.

2. Talk politics.

Well, okay, this one depends on what the crowd's like. Are you with your family who you know enjoy a little healthy debate every now and again? Or are you with a group of super sensitive friends, who hold a grudge if your opinion varies from theirs? Judge wisely, guys, because not everyone's down for a debate about Justin Trudeau over Christmas dinner.

3. Make fun of anyone's ugly Christmas sweater.

Don't do it, friends. If you've missed the point of the ugly Christmas sweater, it's supposed to be tacky and ironic. But even if someone's wearing their best garland knit without a shred of signature millennial irony, don't mention it. Just compliment their style and move right along.

4. Break away from the theme.

Attending a themed Christmas party? Try to keep up with the theme, if you can. It'll make the host super glad - plus, it's a lot more fun that way, trust.

5. Stay on your phone the whole entire time.

As my colleague Irina mentioned, great things happen when you stop looking at your phone all the time. This is especially true at Christmas parties. You're there to spend time with family and friends, and while a quick browse through Facebook every so often is cool, you'll definitely be missing out on a lot if your face is buried in your phone the whole time.

6. Show up empty-handed.

After promising to bring something. Sure, things happen, and you might have run out of time to bake those Christmas cookies you swore you were bringing, but you should definitely text/call your host to let them know first. Also, maybe bring some wine to make up for it.

7. Overeat.

Just kidding. This one's unavoidable.

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