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In case anyone here doesn't own a calendar, or has just been living under a rock until this very moment: it's Easter this weekend. Personally, I think this is one of the best holidays out there - I mean, who couldn't love a long weekend dedicated to tiny adorable bunnies and excessive amounts of chocolate? But, despite how awesome it is, it can get pretty frustrating trying to figure out what's open and closed all weekend long. So to help out the good people of Montreal, we've scoured the web to find you a complete list of what's open and closed this Easter weekend.

What’s Closed

  • Libraries from April 3rd to April 6th inclusively
  • Accès Montreal Office from Friday to Monday
  • All federal and provincial government offices
  • Banks on the Friday
  • Accès Montreal Offices from
  • All Montreal municipal courts
  • Canada Post offices and services
  • Most major grocery stores will be closed on Sunday (check you local listings for details)
  • Maison de la Culture from April 3rd-6th
  • Most community areas (ie. sports centres and pools) are closed from Friday to Monday
  • Most major stores (Walmart, Costco, Simons, etc.) are closed on Sunday

What’s Open

  • All garbage and recycling collections will operate as usual on Friday and Monday
  • STM will be open but follow a holiday schedule
  • Public markets (eg. Matché Bonsecours, Jean-Talon)
  • Most banks will be open on Monday
  • The Biodome, Insectarium, Botanical Gardens, and Planetarium will follow regular hours
  • The Museum of Archaeology and History
  • SAQs with a few exceptions on Sunday, which you can check out here
  • Most restaurants
  • Movie theatres
  • The Olympic Park Tower
  • The Eaton Centre
  • Parking meters (unfortunately)
  • All Ecocenters
  • AMT trains will operate on a weekend schedule for Friday and Monday

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