The Sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we can safely say that summer is here. But even though the weather permits all the outdoor fun you could ever dream of, it doesn't mean that we're going to take advantage of it. Yes, even in the summer, we still want to be lazy.

Thankfully, the Montreal Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) has figured out a way for us to be lazy and enjoy the beautiful weather. For it's tenth year in a row, SAT will be hosting "Cinéma urbain à la belle étoile".

From June 9th - September 8th, every Tuesday there will be a public movie screening. Bring your favourite picnic blanket to Peace Park and cozy up to some great films. Over the course of the summer you have a choice of 13 films that are lined up on the roster. If you still haven't gotten you film fix, try checking out one of the many film festivals offered by the SAT this summer.

Click here to check out the SAT website, and see the full movie lineup for yourself.

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