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As time progresses, we each, individually, switch to making healthier food choices and ditch old crummy habits. And we kind of have to, our bodies don’t react/digest to certain foods the way they did when we were kids.

Here is why you should switch out cereals for oatmeal:

A study found that those who switched out noodles for the same amount of carbs in oatmeal for 6 weeks lost waist size(s) and decreased cholesterol levels.

Since oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate, it takes the body longer to digest therefore keeping the body’s blood sugars stable and steady throughout the day. It also keeps you satisfied and feeling fuller longer.

Oatmeal in comparison to cereals are loaded with fiber and contain no added sugars.

It helps you get into the habit of front-loading your carbs. Carbs are burned more efficiently earlier in the day than at night. Having carbs at the beginning of the day don’t go unused and don’t get stored as fat in the body.

Plus, oatmeal takes about 10 minutes to prep. It’s cheap, healthy, and fast – a combination that should never go unnoticed.

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