Beauty and the Beast is easily one of the most famous Disney classics, but even though it's aimed at children, there are a lot of pretty messed up things that happen in the movie. 

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Right off the bat, there's the whole bestiality aspect, which doesn't really reflect the wholesome values you would expect from Disney. 

But even if you forget about that whole side of the story, there are a lot of things about this movie that disturb me to this very day 

1. Beast Might Be A Sex Trafficker 

All the teacups were children, which means there were like 50 kids in Beasts' castle. What was he doing with all these kids? Was he running a sweatshop or something even more disturbing? 

2. Chip Is Disfigured

Chip earned his name because of the chip on the top of his head. Does this mean when he becomes human, he'll have a gain gash in his face?

3. WTF Is This?!

If the beast is 21 when Belle falls in love with him, and the candlestick says they've been cursed for 10 years, that means the witch cursed an 11 year old boy for not letting her into his castle. At that time, teacup kids weren't born, that means all the teacups were actually birthed by a teapot.

 8. The Magic Pervert Mirror

Can the Beast use his magic mirror to spy on people when they're changing? 

9. The Rules Of The Curse

If Belle breaks up with the beast does he turn back into the beast? What if she waited too long after he died to say she loved him, would he turn into a dead human or does the curse comes with a special resurrection clause? 

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