Photo cred - boredpanda

An Italian Architect has designed one of the coolest apartment complexes in the world. Luciano Pia wanted to figure out a way for nature and people to live together in harmony which is why he designed the 5 story building like a giant urban tree house.

The building which is located in Turin, Italy was entirely designed to blend-in with nature. The terraces and balcony are built asymmetrically so that the 150 potted trees on the property would appear to grow at random intervals, just like in the wild. Even the steel girders of the building we're designed to look like trees to avoid any clashing.

The complex features a courtyard with several ponds and even more trees to offer a place for the residents to relax. The trees lose their leaves in the winter which allows more light to enter the building and in the summer they not only filter the surrounding air and smells, but they also serve as a sound barrier from the loud urban sounds of the city.


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