Show of hands: who here loves baked goods? I know, guys. That's a dumb question. Everyone loves baked goods.

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I know that sweets are awesome to eat; but for me, they're even more awesome to look at.

Sure, eating a cupcake is great. But watching a beautiful, perfect, work-of-art cupcake being created is what takes the cake for me! (Sorry, I think I'm funny).

And if you're anything like me, then one Montreal-based bakery is about to make all your beautiful pastry dreams come true. 

Le Cake Studio is an online made-to-order bakery, specializing in cakes that are as delicious as they are highkey freaking beautiful. 

Seriously, these are more like works of legit art. Le Cake Studio has a bunch of beautiful sweets to eat and behold, but my personal fave? Their unicorn selection. 

They've got unicorn cakes:

Unicorn cupcakes:

And (my personal fave) unicorn macarons:

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