Once upon a time, I worked as a barista at Starbucks. It was a pretty great experience, and I actually grew to love the brand even more than I already did.

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I also came to learn that Frappuccinos, while delicious, were full. Of. Sugar. 

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Which is fine. If you see your favourite Frapp as more of a treat than a staple, you'll be good. But armed with that knwoledge, I set out to find out just how much sugar/how many carbs is in the (notoriously super sweet) limited-time Unicorn Frappuccino.

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Friends, it's a lot. Brace yourself. According to the nutrition info on the Starbucks website:

Grande Unicorn Frappuccino - 60g of carbohydrates

Venti Unicorn Frappuccino - 79g of carbohydrates

Guys! That's ALL the carbs! 

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To put it in perspective, an average poutine has 60 grams of carbs. So drinking a Grande Unicorn Frapp is basically worse for you than eating a whole poutine. 

Thankfully (or not?) you can't get the Unicorn Frapp anymore. It was only available for a limited time. 

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But for those of us who've already consumed it... maybe start thinking of ways to sweat those unicorn tears out of your body. I know I am! 

(No I'm not). 

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