With February coming to a close and Spring seemingly just around the corner, there's a lot to look forward to this week. 

It's Pisces season, with Venus in Aquarius so emotions are running high and being social is often the answer. 

Get the full scoop on what to expect this week professionally and romantically as well as what you need to feel healthy and happy!

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TL;DR Come through Pisces season!! Find your sun sign below and take a look at your professional and romantic outlooks for the week plus what you should focus on to feel healthy and happy in Canada this week. 

Scroll down to find your Sun Zodiac Sign and discover your horoscope for this week in Canada.

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Aries | march 21 - april 19

Professional Life: You may feel uneasy due to inevitable change. Get ahead of your nerves by being proactive. You have time... let that time open you up to your many options. Lists are your friend, Aries.

Romantic Life: If you've been pouring all your energy into your job lately, you can't be surprised if your romantic life has been silently suffering. That should change this coming weekend when Venus enters Aquarius and you can let your guard down a little bit.

Health and Happiness: You'll benefit from being at home with loved ones this week. Relax, recharge and focus on comfort over adventure. Focus on being social this weekend. Yoga or meditation will do you well this week.

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Taurus | april 20 - may 20

Professional Life: Investing could be the answer to your recent financial fears. Mars is still soaring through your sign keeps you fired up and ready to continue growing. Venus is in Aquarius, your sector of goals and ambitions, so align yourself with those that are going to help you see your projects through.

Romantic Life: With Venus, the planet of love, in Aquarius this week, you are in a good position to make a good impression. Your charm and charisma could mean a new romance. If you are in a relationship, be wary of unnecessary tension near the end of the week. 

Health and Happiness: Use your confidence to your advantage this week and dive into personal projects. If you are longing for certain things, put yourself in the places where you can achieve or find them. 

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Gemini | may 21 - june 20

Professional Life: It's hard sometimes for you to stay objective and rational, but try not to let your emotions take the wheel this week. Consider new collaborations or reassess partnerships you already have so that all parties are happy.

Romantic Life: Actions speak louder than words, so if you're ready to take the next step all you have to do is show how much you care. Venus is finally leaving Capricorn so you should find some emotional stability.

Health and Happiness: Treat yourself and don't be afraid to adorn your life a little bit this week, Gemini. Decorate your spaces, buy yourself some new pieces to up your wardrobe and treat someone you love to a gift that will bring you both joy.

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Cancer | june 21 - july 22

Professional Life: Learn new things and you will see the advantages in no time. In turn, take the opportunity to share some of your own secrets of success.

Romantic Life: New people mean new experiences and chances to learn more about yourself. Friday will see Venus entering Aquarius so don't be afraid to acknowledge your feelings for someone who could bring positive changes to your life. It doesn't have to be so serious, Cancer. Love can be fun.

Health and Happiness: Just as newness is sure to benefit your professional life, so will adventure and new opportunities bring positivity to your day-to-day life. Perhaps a friend made a comment about something they thought you should try? Keep an open mind and try not to say "no" this week.

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Leo | july 23- august 22

Professional Life: Mars is moving through your career sector meaning you will find extra motivation to reach goals and achieve success in your projects. Perhaps what you yearn for is stability? Avoid risks and seek out the clearest path to success.

Romantic Life: Have you been feeling bored or smothered? Try experimenting with your loved one, or if you're dating try meeting some new people. Avoid placing blame, instead be the change you want to see in your relationships.

Health and Happiness: Enjoy your home and the people in it this week and you'll avoid undue stress. Recharge, rest, relax and let the women in your life fill you up.

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Virgo | august 23 - september 22

Professional Life: This week brings many of your best qualities to the surface, Virgo. Initiative, courage, strength, confidence and charisma - qualities you have in spades - have you prepped to win

Romantic Life: All this charm and charisma is sure to rub off on your romantic relationships, too. Take a trip with someone you care about. Partaking in some self-love will feel extra rewarding this week.

Health and Happiness: Visit a grandparent this week, whether in person or in your prayers. There is something cathartic about bringing your photos together thoughtfully - try the age-old tradition of a photo album to properly display the memories you've captured on film.

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Libra | september 23- october 22

Professional Life: Avoid tension with co-workers near the end of the week and be aware of any financial changes that could complicate things for you. Don't be afraid to be your own biggest advocate. Ask and you shall receive.

Romantic Life: If your relationships have felt rocky, this is the week to address it. You will be more outgoing and full of warmth so face any tension head-on and be flexible with people.

Health and Happiness: The sun in your lifestyle sector is calling you to focus on your health and happiness this week. Treat yourself to a new hairstyle or a massage and don't be afraid to dress up and show yourself off during the coming weekend.

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Scorpio | october 23- november 21

Professional Life: Marketing your skills, promoting your work and indulging in your talents will mean success and fulfilment this week. This should include organization in financial areas, too.

Romantic Life: They say opposites attract and that could very well be the case for you this week... sometimes the person who tests us the most also sees us the best. If you're feeling restless, try a new hairdo or fashion style. Be the change you want in your own life.

Health and Happiness: Entertain those you love after preparing your home. It is your special space so give it some love and attention... and then show it off! This home-care can be practical, too, unless you've got a housekeeper taking care of those kinds of things...

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Sagittarius | november 22- december 21

Professional Life: Seek rationality and objectivity or your emotions will get the better of you when challenged by a co-worker or superior. Taking initiative could bring monetary gains. Be the active string in your archer's bow and take action.

Romantic Life: Giving love is not so hard and has the power to impact your relationships in a very positive way. Make the first move, say "sorry" first, and all will be forgiven.

Health and Happiness: Mars in your lifestyle sector has you considering that summer bod - and that's great if it's fuelled by getting healthy and happy. Find a friend to join you at the gym or invest in a trainer to take you to the next level.

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Capricorn | december 22- january 19

Professional Life: Investing isn't a bad idea once Venus enters your money sector on Friday. Create some time to make a plan for your future goals and stay focused on them.

Romantic Life: As I mention below, if you've been feeling like you've got extra energy to go around, taking a trip with someone you love could be exactly the getaway you need.

Health and Happiness: Mars in your leisure sector means it's time for you to chill the hell out, Cap. If you've been feeling unnecessary nerves lately, consider taking up a sport or physical activity to spend some of that pent up energy.

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Aquarius | january 20 - february 18

Professional Life: Time to update your online life and start showing the world who you are, in 2019. Your social skills make you a master of self-promotion without even trying (but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try).

Romantic Life: Venus enters your sign this Friday, so get ready to have all eyes on you. Your charm and charisma will be undeniable, so use it to your advantage. Get out there and date, or get intimate with your partner.

Health and Happiness: Let family shower you in support and love this week. Take the time to assess your relationships - are you getting what you give? If you feel like you're lacking something in the relationships you do have, maybe it's time to seek out some new relationships.

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Pisces | february 19 - march  20

Professional Life: We are firmly in Pisces season, so now is the time to bask in the sun while it's in your sign. Reach out to others for advice or to promote whatever you're working on right now. 

Romantic Life: Venus' movement on Friday is into a solo and spiritual sector for you, Pisces. Look into self-love and romantic love may come when you least expect it. Be direct - it's not necessarily your style, but it can be very sexy.

Health and Happiness: With Venus in a spiritual sector on Friday, you will benefit from meditation or yoga. Also, consider a reunion with some old pals and catch up! You're a master advice-giver and it brings you joy, so dive deep into nurturing conversation this weekend.

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