You know you're old when iPods officially become classified as retro.

I still remember walkmans, portable cd players that didn't have "anti-skip", and mini disks. But when the iPod came out it rendered all those devices irrelevant.

But now we have music streaming services and phones that are more powerful than a laptop, so we don't exactly need iPods. Which is why Apple has decided to discontinue them.

Ever since that happened iPods prices are rising quickly on eBay. Just like beanie babies and pokemon cards.

Of course they're worth more money if they're sealed but you'd be surprised at the prices even the used ones can get. And it's not only the originals iPods either so chances are you owned one of these and it's currently sitting in a box in your basement.

The iPod classic 4th generation (20 GB) is worth  $1,156

The iPod Touch 4th  Generation Black (8 GB) is worth about $1,200

Photo cred - ebay

Remember those ugly black and red U2 ipods?  they'll get you almost $9,000

But the big ticket item has to be this one:

The iPod classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB).

If you have a used one it's currently fetching $2,500 But if you're lucky enough to have a new one, it's worth 10 times that price! $25,710.

And there are a lot more if you're willing to do a quick eBay search.

Whether these iPods are becoming more valuable because of nostalgia or because someone really really misses Steve Jobs and their building a giant shrine made of iPods for him, but in the end who cares?

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