• Here are 8 open jobs in Quebec that come with a lot of time spent outdoors.
  • From climbing trees to conducting trains (no experience necessary!), these are the positions to apply for if you don't want to be stuck at a desk.

If you're someone who likes a job that lets you work outside and get some fresh air while you make your way, have I got the list for you. While there weren't a million positions for Christmas tree farms like I imagined, there were still a solid number of jobs available in Quebec right now that will allow you to brave the cold, get some exercise and be in the winter wonderland that is our province right now, all while you work.

I've had a number of jobs where I was outside for the majority of the work and I have to say, it really is a lucky gig. Sure, the summers are hot and the winters are cold. But outdoor jobs allow you to be in touch with nature and feel alive.

It might seem nice sitting inside at an office desk when temperatures really drop, but otherwise, office work is pretty boring in comparison to the jobs listed below. 

From landscape design to camp counselling and some other random finds that I've tossed into the mix, here is a list of some awesome Quebec jobs that will let you enjoy the great outdoors while you make your money.

(And don't worry, snow removal isn't one of them.)

Scene Designer

What: Help exhibit designers for Du Verte Au Rouge plan and develop permanent and temporary/moveable exhibits and displays. In this season, your main products are Christmas trees!

Where: Montreal

Pay: $23.75/hr

Find out more or apply now right here.

Arborist (Climber)

What: Get some seriously fresh air as an arborist, where you will examine trees and shrubs to identify problems/diseases and then carry out various treatments. You'll need to be okay with climbing with safety equipment.

Where: Entrepreneur Paysagistes Strathmore, Montreal

Pay: $22-30/hr

Find out more or apply now right here.

Landscape Gardener

What: Get in touch with your green thumb at Groupe Paysager Plantenance where you will be able to work outdoors in various settings and conditions. This position is full-time.

Where: Montreal

Pay: $17.75-$25.75/hr

Find out more or apply now right here.

Train Conductor

What: If you've always been fascinated by trains, the Canadian National Railway wants you. This unionized job requires no experience and the 7-week training in Winnipeg, MB is all-expenses-paid. 

Where: Garneau, Quebec

Pay: Not listed, average salary is listed as $75,207 on Indeed.

Find out more or apply now right here.

Maintenance Worker For Sépaq

What: You'll be called upon to "perform manual maintenance work" and "carry out landscape and grounds maintenance work."

Where: Oka National Park, Oka, Quebec

Pay: $13.05/hour

Find out more or apply now right here.

Vinyl Sticker Installer

What: This full-time unionized position at Bell lets you travel all around the city swapping vinyl advertising stickers from all sorts of places, like buses, subways, and other transportation companies.

Where: All around Montreal! The Bell workshop is in Montreal-Nord.

Pay: Not listed, no experience necessary.

Find out more or apply now right here.

Coordinator, Outdoor Education

What: This job doesn't start until the spring, but you'd wise to get your application in now, as it will let you discover the Laurentians and connect to your inner child while organizing programs and rentals from the Montreal office.

Where: YMCA Kanawana

Pay: $17.30/hr

Find out more or apply now right here.

Junk Ninja

What: Get paid to work out and to work outside with 1-800-GOT-JUNK. Yep, you already know what they do and how they do it, so if you think you'd like to get some free exercise and spend your winter months NOT cooped up inside, this is the gig for you. (Plus, you can take your fave junk home!)

Where: West Island, Montreal

Pay: $15-$20/hr

Find out more or apply now right here.

I hope this list helped you find your next outdoor gig!

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