In the immortal words of Canadian rapper Jelleestone, "money can't buy me happiness, but I'm happiest when I can buy what I want, anytime that I want, get high when I want," and I think that brings up a valid point. The term "living wage" gets thrown around a lot but what does it mean? The legal minimum wage for jobs in Quebec is currently $13.10/hour, or about $25,000 a year.

But is this wage enough to live on? Perhaps. But you won't have much in the way of disposable income after paying for food and housing. 

Montreal is less expensive than every other major Canadian city, which is great. But to enjoy the finer things in life, like travel, homeownership, or the occasional fancy meal, it'll help to make a little bit more cash.

Luckily there are a number of companies in Montreal that are hiring for positions right now that pay as much as $100,000 or more.

Construction Superintendent

Salary: $2,000/week

Company: Arthier

In this position, you'll plan work, manage workers, and control equipment. You'll need a DES and three years of experience in construction site management to apply, according to the listing.

Apply here

Real Estate Salesperson

Salary: $75,000 – $200,000/year

Company: RE/MAX Solutions

You'll have to hustle to get those sales, constantly following up with leads and researching the neighbourhood.

Apply here

Business Analyst

Salary: $88,700 – $133,060/year

Company: McGill University 

McGill University is looking for someone to work with its IT people to identify the "needs of clients."

Apply here

Account Executive

Salary: As much as $150,000/year depending on commission

Company: Symetris

You'll need to be a good salesperson to land this position. However, the company s offering plenty of benefits, including dental coverage, insurance, and the opportunity for remote work.

Apply here

Sales Executive

Salary: As much as $120,000/year depending on commission

Company: T.K. Auto Inc.

A lot of your salary will depend on your sales numbers. However, the company is offering a base salary, "large commissions" and training.  

Apply here

Cloud Manager

Salary: $140,000/year

Company: Quantum Management Services 

This company is looking for someone with at least eight years of experience in software development or cloud development.

Apply here

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