Looking for a job? Amazon's new Montreal shipping centre in Lachine — the first of its kind in Quebec — is bringing what the company told MTL Blog in November will be "super fast" delivery speeds to the area. On Tuesday, Amazon also confirmed that it's still looking for workers to staff the warehouse.

Employees enjoy a $16/hour wage (plus a $0.50/hour premium for night shifts) plus a wide range of benefits that include health and dental care, a retirement plan, Amazon discounts, and "access to innovative programs like Career Choice, where it will pay up to 95 percent of tuition for courses related to in-demand fields, regardless of whether the skills are relevant to a career at Amazon."

Amazon hopes to have more than 300 employees at the Lachine centre by the 2020 holiday shopping season, according to a statement.

"Employees at the new fulfillment centre, located in Lachine, will work alongside Amazon's innovative robotics technology to pick, pack, and ship items to customers, ranging from household goods and small electronics to books, toys and baby products," it says.

A video shared by Amazon shows the warehouse's impressive interior, as well as the mesmerizing work of its robots to organize shipments.

The company also calls the "health and safety of employees" a "top priority."

"The new Quebec fulfillment centre has been equipped with all of Amazon's latest COVID-19 safety measures and best practices to keep employees safe," it promises.

"Amazon has implemented more than 150 significant process changes to support its teams, including physical distancing, temperature checks, masks, and gloves, to name a few, spending $800 million (US) globally in the first half of 2020."

Amazon is currently looking for full-time warehouse associates to work in the Lachine centre.

Work includes "picking, packing and shipping customer orders" and requires heavy lifting, standing or walking for up to 12-hour shifts, and operating machinery.

Applicants do not need to submit a CV or have previous relevant work experience.

All that's needed is a high school diploma.

Interested Montrealers can apply on the Amazon jobs website.

"Amazon is tremendously proud to open our first fulfillment centre in Quebec, creating over 300 jobs in a safe, inclusive and innovative work environment, that has competitive pay and benefits starting on day one," Lachine site leader Jean-Francois Héroux added in the statement.

"This milestone will also allow us to better serve our local customers, along with the thousands of local small businesses that work with Amazon to bring their products to customers across the province and around the world."

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