One of my favorites sayings is: "I love Montreal, I can't wait until they finish it." 

That's because it really feel likes Montreal is constantly under construction, even though nothing new ever seems to get built. If you think I'm exaggerating, take a look at all the construction happening right now.

Click here for a link to this map

It's pretty ridiculous to see more yellow construction signs than the actual map, but what's even more infuriating is that many of these site have been straight up abandoned.

The Mayors of Hochelaga and the South-West claim that the delays are due to contamination, lack of project coordination and material shortages. 

At the corner of Montcalm and Robin street, a leak hasn't been fixed in at least 3 weeks according to the nearby residents. They claim that construction workers came, inspected the leak, fenced it off with orange cones and never came back since.

As for the corner of  Viau and Pierre-de-Coubertin, there is a 200 meter hole left open. Once again construction began 3 weeks ago and no one has been back since. All the workers did was fence off the area.

According TVA, there are at least 10 other construction sites that have met with the same kind of fate. It causes needless traffic, it's dangerous, it's an eyesore and it's unfair to the residents.

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