Spring is here, which means summer is just around the corner. And I know many of you are already starting to plan your summer vacations.

But have you ever wondered where the world's richest people vacation?

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They certainly don't go to the same resorts as the rest of us lowly people. Instead, they rent insanely extravagant private villas that you will never be able to afford.

Let's take a look at 5 of the most expensive vacation villas on the planet:

Over Yonder Cay - Bahamas

When it comes to luxury, it's hard to beat the Over Yonder Cay located in the Bahamas. The private island offers 4 completely unique villas that include their own private beach, as well as jacuzzi, infinity pool, massages, yoga classes, movie screenings, a nine hole golf course, sailboats, fishing boats, scuba diving and access to a 114 ft "superyacht". (Like a regular yatch, but more super-er)

Cost: $730,000

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Hilltop Estate - Fiji

If it's breathtaking views you're after, then why not spend your vacation on a private hilltop estate. This package includes your own personal chef, nanny and chauffeur, and the island itslef has a golf course, horseback riding, fishing, and scuba diving. You can choose between one of the 11 Plantation Villas located in a coconut grove beside a private beach (you can't make this shit up) or if you want more seclusion, you can alsways rent one of the four Plateau villas perched atop the Nawi Mountain.

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Villa Titanium - Ibiza

This place was actually designed by David Guetta's ex wife, Cathy Guetta. It is one of the most sophisticated and modern looking party mansions in the world. It comes with 24 staff members, including 4 chefs to make sure all your needs are met.

Cost: $279,000

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Villa La Cassinella - Italy

This is one of the most prestigious luxury villas in the Italian Lakes. The property includes 3 hectares of gardens and the villa can only be accessed by private boat, so no one will bother you. The villa has its own staff, as well as a fully equipped gym, and of course, an infinity pool.

Cost: $188,000

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Necker Island - Virgin Islands

This is actually one of Sir Richard Branson’s favorite vacation spots, so you know it's going to be badass. It was destroyed by a fire a few years ago, but theu rebuilt it bigger and better than ever. It includes one "great house" and 6 smaller houses, as well as one house called "The Love Temple". The island includes 100 staff memebers in total.

Cost: $546,000

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