Last night was pretty emotional in Montreal as we waved goodbye to one of the city's most beloved celebrities, P.K. Subban.

P.K. was hosting a very special Just For Laughs Gala and he didn't pull any punches when it came to joking about the Habs.

But it was all in good fun and P.K. repeatedly mentioned how much he loves Montreal and how much he will miss the city.

The jokes were pretty funny, but let's face it. They were a little predictable and corny. If another comedian came out and made jokes like these, I doubt he would have received the same record breaking ovation Subban received.

P.K. himself even acknowledged that athletes and comedy are like the Kardashians and books. They just don't mix.

The evening ended with one the longest standing ovations ever given at a JFL event.

Of course, not everyone could be there, so we scoured the internet and found every tweet and video from last night to bring you as many jokes as we could find from the P.K. Subban Gala.

"I can't believe this happened.

Obviously I heard the rumors, but like most of you I thought they were just rumors.


So when my agent actually called me, he said: "P.K., I just want to let you that you've been...

...booked to host a just for laughs gala."

-P.K. Subban

"If there's one thing I try to do in all the cities I've played in it's immerse myself in the local culture.

Like when I played in Belleville I learned how to sail.

When I went to Montreal I learned how to speak French. Right ladies?

So now that I'm living in Nashville it's time I learn more about...

...that's right, getting pulled over by the cops."

-P.K. Subban

"I'll always support this community in any way that I can.

Except on the ice.

Because that would be weird."

-P.K. Subban

"I hope you'll all come to out to see me play my first game back in Montreal.

And if you want to wear a Subban Predator's jersey, I wouldn't be sad."

-P.K. Subban

"Over the years people in montreal embraced me with open arms & those who didn't. Well those are the people who traded me."

-P.K. Subban

"Athletes and comedy are like the Kardashians and books..."

-P.K. Subban

"Can someone get me a beer? A good beer, none of that Molson stuff."

-P.K. Subban

"First of all, fuck you."

-Peter Keleghan writing a letter to Mark Bergevin

"Now I'm free to do as many low-fives as I want."

-P.K. Subban

"Hey Marc, remember when P.K. said before game 7 in Boston that he couldn't wait to take all the excitement out of their building? Well that's what you just did to the Bell Centre"

-Peter Keleghan writing a letter to Mark Bergevin

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