It's no secret to anyone that avocado is just freaking awesome. From salads to guacamole to cute little characters, this is the best health food trend to ever emerge.

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The best part about avocados is that while they taste good, they are so darn good for you. They're full of monosaturated fatty acids (which is one of the good fats), they have tons of antioxidants, they're super high in fiber and they're even known to help prevent cancer. They even have more potassium than freaking bananas!

Recently, avocado toast has become super popular, and for good reason. It's super easy to make and the possibilities are endless. So, naturally, a whole bunch of Montreal restaurants have jumped on the band-wagon.

Whether it's on your way to work, or for a sit-down brunch with the parents, here are some of the best places to grab some avocado toast:

1. Tommy

Located on North-Dame West, this little café super cute and is known for its historical architecture. You can get anything from sandwiches to sweets here, so it's definitely a good stop for a group meal. And naturally, their avocado toast looks awesome.

2. Café Melbourne

Though this Plateau café is particularly known for their lucky charm lattes, make sure you get a taste of their avocado toast. Their creativity is sure to please you no matter what you order. You can find it on Saint-Laurent street, so why not do some shopping after breakfast?

3. La Bête à Pain

You're such to get your money's worth at this restaurant on Fleury street or rue Young. Not only do they provide the avocado, but the bread is sensational at this place. They specialize in it. The second most important part of avocado toast is the toast, and they've got you covered.

4. Cardinal Tea Room

This location is definitely a little fancier. It's a perfect place for high tea and gives you an excuse to dress up a little. Just head on over to Saint-Laurent street and order yourself some avocado toast while you sip tea from their china.

5. Le Butterblume

It seems like Saint-Laurent is the place to go for brunch, and Le Butterblume is no exception to the amazing avocado toast you`ll find. Not only does this place serve some awesome breakfast, but it also doubles as a flower shop!

6. Café Pacefika

Eating at this Hawaiian themed café on Lambert street near Atwater metro is a great way to spend a morning. Not only is it super cozy, but their unique coffees are sure to impress you. Their vegan options for sweet and coffee are delicious, and so is their avocado toast.

7. Dispatch Coffee

This coffee spot has three locations: on Saint-Laurent , on rue Zotique, and on the McGill Campus. So, no matter where you are in Montreal, you`re not too far away from some epic avocado toast. It started off as a cold brew delivery service, but now is well-established and for good reason.

8. Café Pista

This awesome café on rue Beaubien probably has the most gorgeous decor ever and their toast options are endless. The avocado toast featured in the image even includes strawberries. What more could you want?

9. Lov

Known for being one of the best vegetarian-vegan restaurants in all of Montreal, Lov also serves brunch! And obviously, you can`t serve brunch at a restaurant like this and not serve avocado toast. It`s as good as the rest of their menu and is definitely worth the trip. Now with two locations on Mountain street and McGill street, Lov is the place to be for breakfast and dinner.

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10. Venice

The fresh juices and awesome poké bowls are just the beginnings of this health restaurant located on St-François Xavier. Their specialty is avocado toast covered with a perfectly poached egg and let me tell know, it looks pretty darn good.


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