Every year, Forbes releases a list of the world's billionaires and this year, there are quite a lot of Canadians on that list.

I'm sure we all wish we could be like them, or at least have their money, but alas there are only few who can reach the level of prestige that they have. Unfortunately, we can't all be rich.

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Somehow, people have even been getting richer! This elite group of people is worth $9.1 trillion, which is actually 18% more than last year. On average, their net worth is $4.1 billion. Damn, that's a lot of money in the air.

They're not all rich for the same reasons. Yes, they're pretty much all CEOs, but some of them are literally rich because they're really good at online gambling.

Without further ado, here are the richest men in Canada for 2018 acording to Forbes.

David Thompson

Worth: $25 billion

Age: 60

Industry: Media

Joseph Tsai

Worth:  $9.7 billion

Age: 54

Industry: E-Commerce

Galen Weston

Worth: $9.5 billion

Age: 77

Industry: Retail

James Irving

Worth: $8.3 billion

Age: 89

Industry: Diversified

Jim Pattison

Worth:  $6.9 billion

Age: 89

Industry: Diversified

David Cheriton

Worth: $6 billion

Age: 66

Industry: Google

Emanuele (Lino) Saputo

Worth:  $5.3 billion

Age: 81

Industry: Cheese

Garrett Camp

Worth: $4.8 billion

Age: 39

Industry: Uber

Mark Scheinberg

Worth: $4.8 billion

Age: 44

Industry: Online gambling

Peter Gilgan

Worth: $3.8 billion

Age: 67

Industry: Home building


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