Today the world was shocked to find out that Prince had died. Our first reaction was that it couldn't possibly be true. Nothing can kill his royal badness!

But sadly, according to TMZ, the reports are true.

It's terrible to think that only one month ago today, Prince was electrifying the stage in Montreal with one of his impromptu concerts. Those lucky enough to attend, may very well have seen one of Prince's last performances ever.

Prince's body was found at his home in Minnesota. He was 57.

Prince cancelled 2 concerts recently due to health concerns, and on April 15, his private jet was forced to do an emergency landing due to a medical emergency. Reports say he was suffering from the flu.

One thing is certain, Prince was a badass. If you've ever seen him play the guitar live you'll understand why he was one of the greatest Guitar soloists of all time.

So put on some Purple Rain and check out photos of the legendary musician and performer below.

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Game: Blouses.

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