This morning I had an idea. The plan was to find some songs called Montreal and make cute little list. There's a million songs called "New-York" and another million called "California", so why not Montreal?

I figured there had to be like 10 or 11 of them at most, but I was wrong. Very ... very ... wrong.

There are about 100 songs that are either named "Montreal" or that have "Montreal" in the title.

And since I'm such a nice guy, I did my best to track down as many as I could for you to enjoy:

"Montreal" by Adam Ant

 "Montreal" by Allison Crowe

"Montreal" by Andrei Krylov

"Montreal" by Apparat

"Montréal" by Ariane Moffatt

"Montréal" by Artie Traum

"Montreal" by Ataxia

"Montreal" by Autechre

"Montreal" by Bahamas

"Montréal" by Beau Dommage

"Montreal" by Bloc Party

"Montreal" by Blue Rodeo

"Montreal" by Bran Van 3000

"Montreal" by Bruce Guthro

"Montreal" by Chris Koster

"Montreal" by Craig Cardiff

"Montreal" by David Binney

"Montreal" by Frank Zappa

"Montreal" by Gordie Sampson

"Montreal" by Joey Cape

"Montreal" by John Otway

"Montreal" by Kaki King

"Montreal" by Kari Bremnes

"Montreal" by Karin Ström

"Montreal" by Lior

"Montreal" by Lucie Blue Tremblay

"Montréal" by Zeromancer

"Montreal" by Macho

"Montreal" by Marillion

"Montreal" by Mcenroe

"Montreal" by Melvins

"Montreal" by Morgan Doctor

"Montreal" by Nine Mile

"Montreal" by Of Montreal

"Montreal" by Paul Burch

"Montréal" by Sultans of String

"Montreal" by Plushgun

"Montreal" by Raine Maida

"Montreal" by Rufus Wainwright

"Montreal" by Salim Nourallah

"Montreal" by Scandinavian Music Group

"Montréal" by Stone et Charden

"Montreal" by Saint Jude's Infirmary

"Montréal" by Tété

"Montreal" by The Devlins

"Montreal" by The Tragically Hip

"Montreal" by The Wedding Present

"Montreal" by The Weeknd

"Montréal" by Tomas Jensen

"Montréal" by Volo

"Montréal" by Zao

"Montréal -40c" by Malajube

"Montreal Express" by Dick Curless

"Montreal Calling" by Mobile

"Montréal (Cette ville)" by Xavier Caféïne

"Montreal City (Volcov)" by Azymuth

"Montréal est une femme" by Jean-Pierre Ferland

"Montreal Girl" by Duane Eddy

"Montreal Jazz Fest" by Ripcordz

"Montreal Makes Me Sad Again" by Of Montreal

"Montreal Massacre" by Macabre

"Montreal Non Stop" by Luis Bacalov

"Montréal - Paris - Dakar" by Dubmatique

"Montreal-Québec" by Roch Voisine

"Montreal, Renegade" by Cutting Pink With Knives

"Montreal Screwjob" by The Swellers

"Montreal (Street Kids)" by Time Again

"Montréal $ud " by Dead Obies

"Montreal Textile Worker" by Cornelius Cardew

"Montreal Waltz" Devon Sproule

"Moonlight Montreal" by Peter White

"A Million Miles from Montreal" by Across Five Aprils

"À Montréal" by Grand Corps Malade

"A Montreal Song" by Bruce Cockburn

"Hello Montreal" by Michel Paje

"Hello Montreal!" by Irving Berlin

"Hello Montreal!" by Ted Lewis

"Hymne à Montréal" by Éric Lapointe

"I Heart Montreal" by Subb

"Of Montreal" by The Stills

"Other than Montreal" by Eddy Raven

"Paris-Montréal" by Les Cowboys Fringants

"Seule à Montréal" by Marie-Mai

"Streets of Montreal" by Bodh'aktan

"Sunrise in Montreal" by Rabih Abou-Khalil

"The Montreal Screwjob" by Martyr A.D.

"The Montreal Screw Job" by American Me

"The Montreal Song" by Merton


"The Sun in Montreal" by Pat Metheny

"Two Girls From Montreal" by The Bicycles

"Un été à Montréal" by Dubmatique


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