Guys, let's be real, here: dating is tough. There are about a million different things to think about when you're dating, and where to take your date is probably pretty high up on that list.

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I mean, you want to pick something that's fun, that you'll both like... and that isn't too played out. And while the whole "dinner and a movie" thing is great, there might just be a few things you can do that are a tad cooler. Especially in Montreal.

If you have no clue where to even begin planning out a next-level date, then no worries. I got you covered.

1. Take your date cross-country skiing through Mount Royal.

2. Take your date winter ziplining through the Old Port.

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3. Take your date to a "flying yoga" class.

4. Take your date on a skating adventure through Mount Royal's Beaver Lake.

5. Take your date to check out Montreal's chocolate festival this February.

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6. Take your date tubing down colourful snow tunnels this January.

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7. Take your date snowshoeing through Mount-Royal.

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8. Take your date to see the super cool Luminotherapie art installation at Place Des Arts.

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9. Take your date to see a Habs game at the Bell Centre.

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10. Take your date to check out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts new pavilion, free until January 15.

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11. Take your date strolling through Old Montreal, and check out the Cite Memoire outdoor art installation.

12. Skip dinner, and take your date straight for this Nutella sushi crepe dessert.

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