I can honestly say that my friends and I are bigger fans of kids movies that actual kids are. We like to relive our childhood, who can blame us? And don't lie, I know you love the throwbacks too.

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Seeing favorites from your childhood (or newly released blockbusters) on the big screen is a dream come true. And Cineplex is making my dreams come true. And on top of that, they're helping me save money.

At different participating theaters accross Canada, they will be slashing the prices on matinee showings of kids movies! You won't have to wait in line or risk falling asleep because your day has exhausted you. Matinees are where it's at.

They've been doing this for a little while, but the list of movies is always anticipated by movie and money-saving lovers. They have a new $3 movie every week, so this is the perfect chance to sift through the list, pick your favorites and mark your calendars. Well, without further ado here is the list:

April 14

Pup Star


April 21

Pup Star: Better 2Gether

Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

April 28

Pup Star: World Tour

Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

May 5


Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

May 12

Jumanji (Original)

Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

May 19


Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

May 26

Peter Rabbit

Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

June 2

Early Man

Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

June 9


Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

June 16

Justice League

Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

June 23

The Land Before Time

Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

June 30

Despicable Me 3

Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB


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