Alright, guys. Netflix is messing with us all! 

Fans of the show 13 Reasons Why have been impatiently waiting for Season 2, or any real information about it. I have some for you - sort of. 

Though Netflix and the show's team have been very tight-lipped about everything to do with Season 2, today marked the first official teaser drop. 

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A new live video popped up on Facebook like a mysterious 14th tape found sitting under a bed somewhere. 

Here is the live stream video that racked up thousands upon thousands of views in mere minutes - it was released less than an hour ago. 

The video tells us exactly what we knew already - which is basically nothing. 

It was only a short live stream, but after a good minute of total darkness, polaroid images will become visible on the screen showing Hannah Baker in a close-up shot, with another photo coming up to confirm that the "truth" about Baker's suicide will finally be revealed. 

"The truth is developing" - reads the image, before the video cuts to black. That's it. That's all. 

The video has just sent fans of the show into a full-on frenzy. Nobody knows what is happening. 

While most of the fans are (justifiably) freaking out and getting frustrated with the (lack of) new information surrounding season 2, some other sleuth fans are noticing some things that could mean something. 

We reached out to our Netflix contacts to see what type of information they could tell us. All they gave us was a simple statement:

"Wish I could! As of now the only info we can share is that it is coming out later this year."

So, for now, let the 13 Reasons Why sleuthing begin! 

Personally, I love me a good viral roll-out campaign so I will be watching this one closely for you all.

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a consistent roll-out and more information will be available soon! 

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