You may not have realized this, but Canada was invaded over the weekend. Luckily it wasn't vikings and we were pillaged and plundered.

It seems that a group of 1,500 possibly drunken Americans entered the Canadian border near Ontario using inflatable pool toys.

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Of course it wasn't intentional. If it was, I'm sure the Americans would have found a much cooler vehicle to invade us with.

This was part of an annual event called the Float Down where a huge group of people make their way from Port Huron to Chrysler Beach in Marysville.

Unfortunately for them, the strong winds sent them floating towards Ontario.

This would normally be a bit of a problem, since no one had any identification. But since Canadians are so cool, we decided not to make a big deal out of it. Something the Float Down organizers appreciated:

The invaders had to be bused back to the US, which took 6 hours and 19 buses. They don't seems too traumatized by their ordeal. They event started making T -Shirts to mark the occasion.

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