Well, some people just have all the luck, don't they?

A Quebec woman recently celebrating that big day we all dream of through all our teen years, the inevitable day we become "adults" and can finally go to the bar to get our drink on, legally. 

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This lucky gal, Charlie Lagarde, did exactly that for her 18th earlier this month. Celebrating the turn into adulthood, Lagarde marked the occasion like many of us do; with a bottle of champagne and her first, ever, lottery ticket purchase. 

Something was in the stars for Lagarde on this special day, which will now be more than just the day of her birth. 

Charlie Lagarde, from Montérégie, ended up winning the lottery with her first ever ticket purchase on her 18th Birthday! Can you imagine?

It's not the biggest lottery win we've ever seen, but the lucky 18-year-old is set for life. 

Lagarde has won $1000, every week, for the rest of her life! To give you a little quick math that's about $52,000 per year, and will pass $3M over the course of her life.

What a way to kick off adulthood! 

Charlie Lagarde has expressed interest in studying photography and traveling the world - something that I am sure she will (now) be able to do without any issues at all. 

Lagarde's win also gives the lucky dep owner a bonus of $10,000! 

Congratulations, Charlie, and Happy Birthday! 

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