For anyone that has been complaining that it wasn't a white Christmas — well your prayers have been answered. It looks like Quebec is about to get a ton of snow.

And not just with one snowstorm, instead it looks like we're going to get hit by TWO snowstorms back-to-back.

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TL;DR Two storms are scheduled to hit Southern Quebec this week. The first can be expected Thursday morning with the second coming down on Friday. 

Southern Quebec can expect to see a fast-moving system of snow pass through Thursday morning. The storm will drop 5cm across the region, including Montreal.

Plan your commute accordingly as shifting snow is bound to make the drive slippery and slow.

Then Friday, a second snowfall is expected to travel through Quebec, resting north of Montreal and moving to Quebec City. This time, Quebec residents can expect up to 10cm of snow.

While this one-two punch of snow is a nice reminder of the actual season we're in right now, the cold won't last.

The highs across the province will bounce back up throughout the weekend.

Skiiers should be happy to see a bit of natural snowfall as we move into January. However, temperatures above zero can still be expected until next week.

Snowfall so far this year is well below the average for a Quebec winter, according to The Weather Network. While the Montreal December snowfall average is 49cm, for example, the city welcomed a mere 15cm last month.

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Let's hope that we get at least a bit more snow in the months ahead!

Stay tuned!



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