It's the kind of story that sends chill down your spine. The kind of thing that should never happen at all, let alone in a city that has a reputation for being safe.

A 20 year old woman named Sheila Ansah was heading home last Saturday after a night of Grand Prix celebrations. She figured taking a taxi was a safe bet. But when the taxi arrived at her destination things too a turn for the worst.

According to CBC, The driver got out of the car, opened the door, picked the woman up off the floor and pushed her against a fence near her building and started forcing himself onto her.

She managed to push him off, ran inside her building and reported the incident to Taxi Diamond.

And if you thought, this shouldn't be happening because taxi drivers undergo background checks, think again.

Background checks only became mandatory in 2015.  So from that point on, all drivers who wanted to obtain or renew a taxi license needed to be checked.

But so far only about 60% of taxi drivers have actually undergone one!

Perhaps that's why there were 33 taxi assaults in 2013 and 27 in 2014.

That's insane, but what's truly infuriating are the "tips" montreal police give to keep you safe.

1. They say you shouldn't hail a taxi from the street. But that's the only aspect of the taxi industry that's actually convenient, you see one and you jump in.

2. They say you shouldn't sit in the front seat. But since when is sitting in the front seat an invitation to groping?

3. They say you should take a picture of the driver's badge. Sure, that's convenient to have ... after the fact. But it won't exactly prevent anything from happening to you.

4. Finally, they say you shouldn't ride a taxi alone if possible.

But isn't it crazy that this needs to be a rule? You should be able to hop into a cab without fear of being assaulted.

And why the hell is the responsibility put on us?

That's one step away from saying: "Don't wear suggestive clothing when you take a taxi"

We call that: victim blaming.

Maybe instead, the taxi bureau could get off its ass, screen 100% of their drivers and finally install the safety camera they promised.

Or y'know, you can always just take an Uber.


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