What are you planning on doing with your summer? If you said looking for treasure in on Canada's Great Trail, you've come to the right place! 

The Great Trail Treasure Hunt is an annual summer adventure that's happening across Canada. Essentially, it's a giant nation-wide treasure hunt where Canadians just like you can find 200 unique treasures! 

Gear up and hit The Great Trail to find awesome treasures! What is The Great Trail? Once known as the Trans-Canada Trail, it's a system of hiking paths, greenways, waterways, and roadways that are all inter-connected, spanning the entire country from coast to coast. 

There are over 24,000 kilometres of trail that you can explore, touching three oceans, mountain ranges, wide-open plains, and even bustling metropolises.

With 200 treasures located across every province, territory, and Maritime island, everyone in Canada has a chance to win! It would take you more than two years to hike the whole trail, so make sure you're looking in the right place! 

How it works is simple. Take a hike. Find a treasure box. Redeem a code. Win! That's it! Clues of where you can find treasure boxes will be posted on The Great Trail Treasure Hunt's official website.

If you manage to find a treasure box, you win first dibs on a redemption code that allows you to win some awesome prizes. Don't worry if you aren't the first to find the box, redemption codes are eligible for anyone who finds them!

Participants can share their find on social media and what's cool is that there are no limits to how many treasure boxes one can find!

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All codes that you find can be redeemed until August 18th, 2019. All participants who find treasure boxes have a chance to win a grand prize valued at $20,000! Participants who find and validate 5 or more boxes will also be entered into a draw for “superusers”, valued at over $7,000! So the more you find, the more chances you’ll win!

Prizes are as follows: 

  • Eight SPOT Satelite Phones ($440 value)
  • 46 Keen Boots gift certificates ($320 value)
  • Four Nikon Coolpix cameras ($500 value)
  • Four 12-month Parks Canada Discovery passes ($136 value)
  • 10 Indigenous People's Atlases ($100 value)
  • A one-month supply of CLIF Bars 
  • 100 12-month subscriptions to Canadian Geographic
  • And much more!

There are two grand prizes up for grabs depending on how many boxes you find. One lucky Canadian will win a $20,000 prize of an East Coast cruise for 2, and all the prizes listed above.

Strap on your hiking boots and go hunt some treasure this summer, Canada! 

Happy hunting!

For complete details, please visit the Great Trail Treasure Hunt's official website. 

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