Being Canadian is more than just a nationality, it's a way of life. 

We apologize to inanimate objects, we are immune to subzero temperatures, and our food is just as stereotypical as we are.

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But it's not all bad, you also learn some things when you live in Canada. Things like texting with mittens, driving on ice, and hunting whales using only your wits and a hockey stick.

Yes, living In Canada has definitely made you unique. And if you need more convincing, check out these 25 images that You'll Only Get If You're Canadian

1. Canadian Pizza

@insieme_montrealembedded via  

2. Canadian YouTube

3. Canadian Infidelity 

4. Canadian Donuts

5. Canadian Spelling

6. Canadian Slippers

7. Canadian Keyboards

8. Canadian Booby Trap

9. Canadian Guilt

10. Canadian Spring

11. Canadian Vandalism

12. Canadian Disappointment 

13. Canadian Thug Life

Via funnyism

14. Canadian Daredevils

15. Canadian News

16. Canadian Garbage 

17. Canadian Success Stories

18. Canadian Contests

19. Canadian Weather

20. Canadian Hazards

22. Canadian Halloween

24. Canadian Middle Finger

25. Canadian Mysteries 

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