Hey, guys, guess what's coming up super soon in Montreal. 

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If you guessed the annual Croissant Festival, then you're right! Quebec's Fete Du Croissant takes place every year in the province, with bakeries and cafes selling their super tasty, flaky croissant for $1.

A whole bunch of spots across the city (includng Laval and the South Shore) and province will be participating this May 6, 2017, including: 

Automne Boulangerie

Duc De Lorraine

Fous Desserts

Patisserie De Nancy

Pain D'Epi


La Petite Boulangerie

La Miche Doree

Joe La Croute


Patisserie De La Gare

Patisserie Ile Bizzard

Gascogne - Bois Franc

Les Enfarines

Le Pain De La Ferme

La Boulangerie Du Marche

Plus, tons of other spots all over the city and province will be participating in this event, too. So no matter where you find yourself on May 6, you're covered.

To see the full list of spots participating, check out La Fete Du Croissant's official website.

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